A lake, a mountain and a reservoir

While on a quick trip to California for Adobe in September 2018 I managed to make a quick detour to a few previously unexplored areas of California, namely Lake Tahoe and some of the areas surrounding San Jose.

Below are two videos assembled from the drone footage taken with my Mavic Pro. I’m still learning new things every time I fly, but happy that the results are getting better.

San Luis Reservoir

Approximately 45 minutes from San Jose, this reservoir and surrounding areas are suffering from a drought, but the scenery is still fantastic.

Lake Tahoe & Donner Pass

Lake Tahoe is a magic location, and this wont be my last trip to the area. The combination of the water, the hills and the trees make for a very relaxed area. I’m looking forward to finding more time in future to go back. Equally majestic is Donner Pass, known for its historic namesakes, the Donner Party, but whole area is just amazing.

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