Brightcove & Adobe CQ5 integration

While Adobe CQ5 offers many out of the box video capabilities, some of our customers are using Brightcove’s video cloud platform and need to integrate the two technologiess. Adobe Solution Partner Coresecure have developed a very nice integration piece for connecting CQ5 with Brightcove.

I’ve downloaded the package and tested with my CQ5 installation and the content author experience is as nice as possible. Just drag & drop the Brightcove component onto a page in CQ, then search and drag the video you want to play from the Content Finder. That’s it! Sizing & alignment options are also available via the dialogue.

Features & Benefits

The Brightcove Video Cloud CQ5 component includes the following features:

  • Browse your Video Cloud account within the CQ5 interface
  • Search for videos by Video ID or by name
  • Embed a video and player into a page

A full guide on the integration capabilities is here

Getting Started Guide

Installation Instructions and an Administrative Guide can be found on, by visiting Coresecure or download directly from GitHub.

Pricing Model

This integration is a Brightcove Open Source project, available free of charge to the Brightcove community. Yes FREE!!!


If you’ve seen other CQ5 components out in the wild, let me know!