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New simplified blog design for

My site design was overdue for an update. With Mobile, Tablet & Desktop views now a mandatory part of any site, plus the fact that I have a new Retina based Mac, I decided to finally get around to it.

This new template was up and running fast based on the default WP TwentyTwelve theme. Responsive design appears to be working well, however I’ve added a tweak to improve the ipad/portrait view by removing the sidebar.

I still want to do some work to the home page, but given most of my traffic comes in directly to the page via search, social or rss, I’m spending time getting those pages right first.

Let me know what you think.. too simple? just right? whats missing?

Adobe Refresh 2011 Roadshow dates announced!

Refresh 2011 is aimed at developers and designers who are wanting to increase their knowledge and extend their reach to the growing range of connected devices. This year Refresh will be in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and has a great lineup of content & speakers.

Subjects Covered

  • Multi-device Multi-screen
  • Flash Professional Future
  • HTML5 and Open Web
  • Adobe Town Hall
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Solution
  • Flash Builder (Burrito and Hero) Future
  • Sneak Peeks and Prizes

Keynote Speakers

Experience the best of Adobe MAX (recently held in LA) and hear from these leading industry experts in multi-screen delivery:

Who Should Attend

Developers and designers or anyone else with an interest in multi-screen delivery

More details here:

UPDATED: Watch team Adobe Australia sing for charity!

This year Adobe Australia is supporting the Cancer Council and the local office divided into teams in a fun competition to see who could raise the most money for charity. My charity team decided to sing for your amusement. We also put together some great giveaways to encourage people to donate, including a Fair Dinkum Aussie Value Pack that we’re shipping to the winner, plus we had some Adobe software up for auction on eBay.

Check out this quick video;

Included in the Fair Dinkum value pack that was given away at random to a lucky donator was

Boomerang, Aussie fly swatter, Eucalyptus soap, Aboriginal culture cd-rom, Aboriginal music cd, Dangerous Australian animal tea towel, Stubbie holder, Soft toy koala, Soft toy kookaburra, The True Blue Guide to Australian Slang, “Does a Kangaroo have a mother too?” – childrens book, Chesty Bond’s men’s singlet, Zinc cream, Children’s classic Aussie book pack, Minties, Caramello Koala, Chocolate Freddo Frogs, Wizz Fizz, Tim Tam’s, Aeroplane Jelly, Twisties, Rosella Soup, Jar of Vegemite, Jaffas, Fantales, Box of Roses Chocolates, Can of Solo, Crunchie Bar, Picnic Bar, Cherry Ripe

Adobe employees from around the world donated more than $3000 within 24hours. Congratulations to Jenn Hathaway of the Adobe Newton office in the USA who was the winner of the hamper! Add the other donations + eBay auctions of software and my team raised a total of $9300 on the day. We won the competition between the teams but the even more rewarding is the good feeling of being able to help a great cause.

Five teams at Adobe raised a total of $24,000 for the Cancer Council in less than 24 hours! Thanks to everyone who donated!

BTW – You can still donate here if you wish!

Happy New Year – Personal Goals for 2008

2007 is now history and it’s time to begin a new year. Before I share my personal goals for this 2008 I thought i’d share some interesting facts from last year;

  • Ruth & I celebrated our 15 year anniversary
  • Average reading one paperback per month
  • 554 Tweets on Twitter
  • 31,000 emails in 2007 (25,000 in 2006)
  • 78 Flights (Domestic and International)
  • 93 nights away from home (although 31 were for non work)
  • 37 blog posts
  • New countries discovered: Hong Kong & Dubai

Personal Goals for 2008 (in no particular order)

Weigh less this time next year.
I managed to lose some weight in 2007 but put most of it back on. This year i need to not slack off during winter!

Become a better husband & family member.
I need to spend more quality time with Ruth. I also need to be there more for my family, both immediate and extended.

Discover a new country
This is an annual goal that i want to maintain. This year i’m thinking either India or China.

Become a better manager
This crosses over into a work goal, but personally I want to serve the people that report to me better.

Join a new band
I’ve been playing Bass & Guitar for over  15 years and not being  in a band is starting to depress me. Time to fix this.

Keep up with technology
Not just Adobe related technology, I love geeking out with the latest innovations and that has to continue.

Be more adventurous and have fun
Most importantly, I want to get  to the end of 2008 and look back at the fun I had. Life’s too short.