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Torchwood, Dr Who & Cardiff

Had a great visit to Cardiff. Ruth & I are huge fans of the new Dr Who series as well as the spin off show Torchwood. For this reason we decided to include Cardiff in our travels so we could visit some of the filming sites. The No 1 place on our list was Roald Dahl Plass, at Cardiff Bay where a lot of the exterior shots of Torchwood and a fair few episodes of Dr Who are filmed.

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Somewhere in Europe

I had grand plans of writing extensive blog posts about my trip to Europe but considering i’m now half way through, i’ll summarise here and expand later..


Spent a few days in Lodz, Poland with my fathers side of the family. The picture below is of me and my cousin. I can honestly say that I know more Polish than before and can ask for a beer, train, bus etc and can call out dog, cat & cow 🙂   It was really great to meet up with them again and i really fewel a special connection with Poland as a result.

Apart from spending time with family Ruth & I managed to visit Częstochowa, Krakow & Auschwitz.

First visit to Hong Kong

hongkongday1-004.jpgTonight I’m experiencing something new, Hong Kong. I flew in this afternoon for the very first time and i’ll be here till Thursday.

Flying up from Sydney today was surprisingly good. I’m not sure if I’ve just set my expectations too low or not, but the Qantas staff were great, i was given the seat i requested, the service was good, the food was ok and even the on-demand video service stayed working the entire flight. (btw – Zodiac is worth watching)

Arriving in Hong Kong while the sun was still up, i breezed through the efficient airport straight onto the Airport Express train, which promptly deposited me smack bang in the middle of Hong Kong city. From there what should have been a quick cab ride was lengthened due to the traffic, however I didn’t mind while i had a good gawk out the window. My hotel is in the Causeway Bay area.
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Wellington, NZ – Visit #4

Night two in Wellington, NZ. Slightly colder than i’d expect but much warmer than i’ve experienced here in the past. Flying in was about average, not sure if you’ve seen this video on youtube showing the fun you can have when landing here, but there was even more excitement when we were about a metre from the gate…

Recorded announcement: “This is an emergency announcement, please return to your seat, extinguish cigarettes (what the?) and pull down the oxygen masks from above. We are dropping in altitude rapidly…”   umm hello?  we were on the ground… which is lucky coz i think i would have made a mess if it happened 5 minutes earlier. Anyway, the captain announced that there was a system failure but he had overridden it to stop the alarm… let me off!

Anyway, Wellington is a great place and its good to visit once again. Oh, and for those of you who have heard me recommend “Great India” as the best Indian restaurant in both Wellington and the world, next time you’re here give  “The Balti House” a try. Fantastic food!