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How to fix PDF previews in Outlook 2007 64 bit

If you’re like me and have finally made the move to a 64bit version of Windows, be it Vista or Windows 7, you may have come across an annoying glitch related to PDF previews within Outlook 2007. Instead of displaying the PDF correctly you receive an error similar to “This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer: PDF Preview Handler for Vista –  To open this file in its own program, double-click it.”

Adobe Acrobat and Reader both come with Adobe PDF preview handlers for Outlook but the installer has a mistake which means the preview handler does not work on 64-bit systems. It turns out the problem can be fixed via a simple registry change.

All that needs to be done to correctly preview PDF docs in Outlook 2007 64bit is to first download the latest Adobe Reader, then add the following key to your registry;


The fix should only be applied to 64-bit versions of Windows that have Adobe Reader installed. Don’t apply the fix to 32-bit versions of Windows.  To install make it easier to configure, download the adobe_pdf_x64_fix, unzip then double-click the adobe_pdf_x64_fix.reg file and follow the prompts.

thanks to http://www.pretentiousname.com/adobe_pdf_x64_fix/index.html for this workaround..

Installation tips & tricks for LiveCycle ES “next” beta

The LiveCycle turnkey installer keeps making things easier for a developer to get started. Since the beta of the next version of LiveCycle is available to download for review I thought i’d share some advice on the install process.

LiveCycle is enterprise software, so you need to give it the same respect that you would if you were installing Seibel, SAP, Oracle or other large systems. What I mean by this is dont skimp on hardware.. give it a decent CPU and decent amount of ram (more on that in a moment) and heed the system requirements. Continue reading

Lowering your costs while increasing business efficiency

My latest round of presentations across Australia have been based on the topic of “Lowering your costs while increasing business efficiency”. Clearly in the current economic climate we’ve seen many projects put on hold due to budget cuts, yet a more agile approach would be to start with some quick wins that were aligned to the “future vision”.

In the presentation I covered four key areas;

  • Collaborating in real time in live meetings & training
  • Requesting reviews & feedback of information with tracking
  • Managing & controlling your content inside & outside of your organisation
  • Using forms & process to collect structured information

Using a combination of Adobe Acrobat, Connect & LiveCycle ES technologies I showed many examples of how organisations can improve their business in a matter of days & weeks, rather than months and years. In fact, most of the case studies shown went live in around 6 weeks. Allowing business people to create more content and interact with each other in more engaging ways than just email has immediate benefits, without extensive training.

Here are my slides;

Apart from making the slides available, below is a link to the PDF Portfolio that was sent out to the attendees. Be patient as it’s a 95Mb download (chock full of videos) but all you need to view it is Adobe Reader 9.

Adobe Breakfast Presentation – PDF Portfolio

AIMIA Government Summit – Delivering government services through desktop 2.0

Today I presented a talk on how government can provide a more engaging experience to citizens. This was not a product presentation but more looking at general themes of what provides an engaging experience. The content was a mix of slides and demonstrations and is listed below.


Alan Webber
Government technology and market strategist, Forrester Research

Anthony Steve
Manager of business.gov.au, Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Customer successes – Kane County Circuit Court
Putting citizens first – County agency enhances services and streamlines collaboration across government offices.

Subset of demonstrations;

Obama Inaugeration Video
Searchable online video with synchronized transcript

Certified White House PDF
PDF document certified with a valid U SGovernment digital certificate to prove its authenticity.

An alternative way to view Twitter information rather than through a browser

Yet another Adobe AIR based Twitter client, but this one looks like a spreadsheet!

The importance of designer / developer workflows.

Australian journalist Brad Howarth recently interviewed me regarding my opinions on what Adobe is doing with Flash and has included my comments in an unbiased article recently published in February 20th B&T magazine.

Apart from choosing the technology that can get your message to as many people as possible, one key takeaway from the article is the importance of understanding the workflow between your developer and designers. This is especially important now that the demand for a great user experience is important.

Having creative people burn cycles slicing and dicing their artwork for developers is time consuming and costly. Developers cannot afford to ignore the user experience as there audience expect higher engagement and “that will do” is no longer an option. In fact, many projects are now start with a “front to back” approach (designing the user experience first then wiring it up behind) rather than the traditional “back to front” method which leaves the user interface as a final consideration. Continue reading