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Extending AEM collaboration with Slack

Adobe Experience Manager has great collaboration features for Projects, Task Assignment / Workflows and adhoc collaboration around things like Digital Assets.  While email is traditionally a great tool for notify users who aren’t logged in to AEM of a task assignment, I’ve seen an Increase in the use of Slack for collaboration recently, which is not surprising, as Slack is a very handy tool!  In fact, Adobe recently added Support for Slack in the Creative Cloud
Adobe Evangelist Justin Edelson has shared some POC (Proof of Concept) code on GitHub that allows you to now integrate AEM with Slack! Now you can forward Notifications of Task assignment & Comments to a Slack channel as well as push direct messages.

Slack screenshot

Here’s what the POC code does;
1 – Waits for a notification event
2 – Looks up the mapping of the mention user if different to Slack and swaps it out
3 – Checks to see if the comment is linked to an asset in DAM
4 – Composes a message and sends it to the Slack Incoming Hook API.

Here is how to setup
Create an incoming web hook within Slack
Grab and install ACS AEM Commons
Grab the source and compile from here;
Edit the AEMSlack Notifier component config
Update the Property URL (the Webhook URL) & add Username Mappings
AEM Slack Notifier Screenshot
Great work Justin!
So thats a sample of Slack integration. What other integrations would you like to see?

Multi Page InDesign previews in Adobe Experience Manager DAM (CQ5)

Adobe Experience Manager DAM (CQ5) has had the ability to generate thumbnail previews of InDesign documents since CQ5.5. It creates thumbnails by communicating with Adobe InDesign Server. Unfortunately the out of the box setup only produces a thumbnail of the first page, however this is easily tweaked to created previews of every page in the InDesign file.

You’ll need to either grab the jsx file from GitHub and place it at /etc/dam/indesign/scripts, or if feeling lazy I’ve created a tiny package for you to install here: MultipageThumbnails-1.0.zip

DAM Media Extract Workflow setup screenshotAll that is left to do now is add your new script to your DAM-Update-Asset workflow. Double click on the Media Extraction workflow step, switch to the arguments tab, then add a new entry pointing to the MultipagePreview.jsx file you imported. (see the screenshot of how your dialogue should look)

Don’t forget to hit save, close the workflow and try importing a new InDesign Document to DAM. Assuming InDesign Server is set up correctly, you should now see additional page previews!

I’ve tested this out on CQ5.5, CQ5.6 and 5.6.1. If you get stuck, check out the video to see what you might have missed.

InDesign JSX on Github – MultipagePreview.jsx
AEM/CQ Package (including the JSX) MultipageThumbnails-1.0.zip

Big thanks to Sameer Charles for his work on this.