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Government cross-channel engagement in a digital world

The team at Reading Room are putting on an event in Canberra on Dec 2nd. Here’s the brief;

“Despite spending enormous amounts on Web-based initiatives, government agencies report concerns in keeping up with the pace of digital channel change. In a multi device / multi-channel world people are expecting personalised experiences that span across and cater for the individuals needs in browsers, mobile, social & apps. By employing new engagement models, applying user-centric thinking to service design and embracing user participation, agencies can raise the effectiveness of their digital footprint.”

Three presentations..

Pia Waugh
ICT Policy Advisor, Office of The Hon Senator Kate Lundy
Public Engagement: How to master the black art of crowdsourcing great ideas and community feedback

Tim Hill
User Experience consultant, Reading Room
Government Gets Social: Examples of effective Government communication in social media

Mark Szulc
Director of Solution Consulting, Adobe Asia Pacific
Building context aware experiences in a multi-channel environment: Content has moved over to a new king…Context.

Pia & Tim are great presenters so if you are planning to be in Canberra that morning make sure you register!

AIMIA Government Summit – Delivering government services through desktop 2.0

Today I presented a talk on how government can provide a more engaging experience to citizens. This was not a product presentation but more looking at general themes of what provides an engaging experience. The content was a mix of slides and demonstrations and is listed below.


Alan Webber
Government technology and market strategist, Forrester Research

Anthony Steve
Manager of business.gov.au, Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Customer successes – Kane County Circuit Court
Putting citizens first – County agency enhances services and streamlines collaboration across government offices.

Subset of demonstrations;

Obama Inaugeration Video
Searchable online video with synchronized transcript

Certified White House PDF
PDF document certified with a valid U SGovernment digital certificate to prove its authenticity.

An alternative way to view Twitter information rather than through a browser

Yet another Adobe AIR based Twitter client, but this one looks like a spreadsheet!

Free Adobe Acrobat & LiveCycle ES workshop in Canberra tomorrow

Adobe is hosting a free full day workshop at the Canberra Convention Centre on Tuesday 3rd February. If you keep wondering what the big deal with Acrobat (it only makes PDF right? Wrong!) or never really understood what Adobe LiveCycle was for, then come along and say hi.

The first part of the workshop is presented by Adobe colleagues Lindsay Brown and Adam Jeske. They will cover how to get the most out of Adobe Acrobat 9, including how to create accessible content, interactive presentations and use the new built in Flash runtime to create PDF portfolios.

At 1pm I’ll be taking over and presenting a two hour deep dive on building forms with LiveCycle Designer, as well as a quick look at how to take the new form and add a Flash based form guide and add workflow with the rest of the LiveCycle suite. Even if you have current budget issues, I’ll talk about how you can leverage the Business.gov.au SmartForms hosted service to get your smart forms hosted.

The full session breakdown of the workshop is listed in the attached PDF, and although it is free you will need to register to attend.

Adobe Workshop Registration Form