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cfObjective Australia 2011.. now with Flex! – See you there?

cfObjective Australia is coming up fast.. just a few weeks to go! Held Nov 17 & 18 in Melbourne Australia. There is a star line up of presenters including Terry Ryan, James Talbot, Kai Koenig, Marc Mandel, Geoff Bowers, Justin McLean and .. and me! 🙂

I’ll be presenting a talk on Model Driven Development in the Flex stream. Thats right.. there is an entire stream of presentations for Enterprise Flex Developers.. now you’re interested right?

From the organisers;
cf.Objective(ANZ) + Flex 2011 doesn’t focus as such on Livecycle or ADEP – but our Flash Platform and Flex track is the finest conference content Australia and New Zealand has to offer for this field. If your organisation is in the Asia-Pacific region and looking into building Rich Clients with an LC or ADEP backend – cf.O(ANZ) + Flex 2011 is the place you want to send your developers and architects to for learning about the front end and integration part.

The program is available online here:

On Nov 16 there are also a few excellent full-day workshops happening and we’d like to see them get a bit more uptake as well. 

The most interesting ones for Flex/LC/ADEP developers are:
– Developing Performant Flex Components for Desktop and Mobile (Mike Labriola)
– Building Mobile Applications for Android and iOS using Flex (James Talbot)
– Agile Technical Practices for Rich Client Developers (Sandy Mamoli and Kai Koenig)


Check out more on the site: http://www.cfobjective.com.au/

In case anyone is using Lanyrd, there is a Lanyrd page for the conference. It can be found here: http://lanyrd.com/2011/cfoanz/

There is also a LinkedIn event here: http://events.linkedin.com/cf-Objective-ANZ-Flex/pub/717170

And a Facebook page here as well: http://www.facebook.com/pages/cfObjectiveANZ/280504190302

drop me a note if you are planning to attend!

Introducing Adobe Enterprise Café

Adobe have just released a great new tool called Adobe Enterprise Café, which helps you stay in touch with the enterprise community, receive news, find information, and aggregate content related to Adobe LiveCycle ES (Enterprise Suite), Acrobat, Connect, ColdFusion, and the Adobe Flash Platform in a timely and customized fashion. Targeted at developers and technical staff, Café is the one tool you need to search across the entire community knowledge base and stay in touch with the Adobe teams.

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Flash Builder 4, Flex 4 & ColdFusion Builder released!

For quite a few months now Adobe has been talking up Flash Builder, Flex 4 & ColdFusion Builder, but with the caveat that these tools were in beta.  Each of the betas made available via Adobe Labs added new features and allowed you to test and provide feedback to the product teams. Today, however, Adobe is announcing the immediate availability of the production versions of the following!

Flex 4 – Including the new Spark skinning and component architecture enabling a new level of expressiveness in RIAs in addition to supporting the new Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder workflow.

Flash Builder 4 – There are over 90 new features in this release, and you can use them with both Flex 3 and Flex 4 to gain big improvements in development time, integration and building more expressive apps. (Note: Please be sure to uninstall any FB4 beta SW before installing the release product)

ColdFusion Builder – This new Eclipse-based IDE for ColdFusion development is deeply integrated with ColdFusion 9 in addition to making it fast and easy for CF developers to create Flex applications with integration between ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder.

The following is a list of resources where you can find out more information; Continue reading

cfObjective presentation – ColdFusion, LiveCycle & SOA

Last week I presented at the Melbourne based cfObjective conference. My topic covered a quick look at SOA principles, how they related to ColdFusion, then introduced LiveCycle ES2.

Apart from the slides below, I was able to build an application from scratch in just under 40 minutes, including an approval process with workflow, a common data model that spanned across all UI/Forms, and built all the forms in both Flex & PDF.

I wrapped up the session on how ColdFusion & LiveCycle ES2 can be used together and how to get started. Thanks to everyone who attended!