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AEM/CQ Developer Interviews & Slides from CQCon

Last week in Basel, Switzerland a community group of CQ5/AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) developers from Adobe Solution Partners & Customers got together for CQCon’13. I wasn’t able to attend, but the feedback has been extremely positive. Check out this short YouTube clip..

Included in the agenda were great presentations covering everything from Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery with CQ5, Security best practices, Mobile and Deep Dives on Apache Sling topics. The slides from 17 presentations are shared below and worth checking out!

If you check out the slides and like what you see, you may want to check out the Evolve conference in San Diego coming up late in August this year. At the very least, check out the funny teaser video 🙂

Adobe Refresh 2010 coming soon to AU & NZ!

Refresh 2010 bannerFor the 4th year in a row the Adobe Australia tech team are heading out around the country for the Adobe Refresh roadshow, and this year we’re even making it across to Perth!

You’ll have a chance to join Andrew Spaulding, Mike McHugh, Paul Burnett and me as we show you live demos of our favourite tools, discuss how you can use the technology to solve today’s problems, and have a chance to ask questions and network with people just like you. Continue reading

Australian Developers speak about Adobe

Over the last few weeks Andrew Spaulding & I met up with a handful of Australian Web Developers and Designers in both Sydney & Melbourne. I put together this video on what they do, their opinions of Adobe technology and what they think about the Australian community and its potential.

Featured in the video are
Robin Hilliard from Rocket Boots, Todd Trevillion from Gruden, freelancer Andrew Muller, Andrew Apostola from Portable Content, Glen Peterson of Cummins Nitro and
Chris Maisano from Citrus

There is a lot of great work happening out there and its good to see such a vibrant selection of talent. We’ll be doing more interviews over the next few months so if you’d like to show off what you do let me know!