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Acrobat Connect Pro now on iPhone

Pictures of Connect Pro Mobile for iPhoneAdobe recently released the Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile client for iPhone, allowing you easy access to Connect meeting rooms while on the go. This is the fourth iPhone app released by Adobe, with iPhone clients for Photoshop.com, Acrobat.com & LiveCycle ES already in the wild.

With this release you can connect to a meeting room, view the camera pod, view content shared from other peoples screens, and even participate in a two way chat in real time.

Since this app was built with the upcoming version of Flash Professional that has support for building iPhone apps with Flash, the same app should soon appear on other smart phones as well! Continue reading

Adobe AIR 2.0 & Flash Player 10.1 beta prerelease now available

At the recent MAX conference Adobe announced that it was working on new versions of both Flash Player & Adobe AIR. These new updates are now available in prerelease format to allow developers to download and test the new enhancements.

Flash Player 10.1 is the first consistent browser runtime release of the Open Screen Project that will enable uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and high definition (HD) videos across the desktop and devices.

Apart from being the first release to target non PC devices like mobile phones, its faster. A LOT faster!

Adobe AIR 2 builds on the success of AIR 1.0, allowing developers to create more reliable and feature-rich applications in the desktop context, and they can easily add AIR 2 functionality to update current AIR 1.0 applications. New AIR 2 features include enhanced support for mass storage devices and native application processes, as well as peer-to-peer and UDP networking.

Watch Kevin Lynch at MAX talk about AIR 2.0.

Download both the Flash Player & AIR 2 prerelease betas at labs.adobe.com

The importance of designer / developer workflows.

Australian journalist Brad Howarth recently interviewed me regarding my opinions on what Adobe is doing with Flash and has included my comments in an unbiased article recently published in February 20th B&T magazine.

Apart from choosing the technology that can get your message to as many people as possible, one key takeaway from the article is the importance of understanding the workflow between your developer and designers. This is especially important now that the demand for a great user experience is important.

Having creative people burn cycles slicing and dicing their artwork for developers is time consuming and costly. Developers cannot afford to ignore the user experience as there audience expect higher engagement and “that will do” is no longer an option. In fact, many projects are now start with a “front to back” approach (designing the user experience first then wiring it up behind) rather than the traditional “back to front” method which leaves the user interface as a final consideration. Continue reading

Australian Developers speak about Adobe

Over the last few weeks Andrew Spaulding & I met up with a handful of Australian Web Developers and Designers in both Sydney & Melbourne. I put together this video on what they do, their opinions of Adobe technology and what they think about the Australian community and its potential.

Featured in the video are
Robin Hilliard from Rocket Boots, Todd Trevillion from Gruden, freelancer Andrew Muller, Andrew Apostola from Portable Content, Glen Peterson of Cummins Nitro and
Chris Maisano from Citrus

There is a lot of great work happening out there and its good to see such a vibrant selection of talent. We’ll be doing more interviews over the next few months so if you’d like to show off what you do let me know!