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Multi Page InDesign previews in Adobe Experience Manager DAM (CQ5)

Adobe Experience Manager DAM (CQ5) has had the ability to generate thumbnail previews of InDesign documents since CQ5.5. It creates thumbnails by communicating with Adobe InDesign Server. Unfortunately the out of the box setup only produces a thumbnail of the first page, however this is easily tweaked to created previews of every page in the InDesign file.

You’ll need to either grab the jsx file from GitHub and place it at /etc/dam/indesign/scripts, or if feeling lazy I’ve created a tiny package for you to install here: MultipageThumbnails-1.0.zip

DAM Media Extract Workflow setup screenshotAll that is left to do now is add your new script to your DAM-Update-Asset workflow. Double click on the Media Extraction workflow step, switch to the arguments tab, then add a new entry pointing to the MultipagePreview.jsx file you imported. (see the screenshot of how your dialogue should look)

Don’t forget to hit save, close the workflow and try importing a new InDesign Document to DAM. Assuming InDesign Server is set up correctly, you should now see additional page previews!

I’ve tested this out on CQ5.5, CQ5.6 and 5.6.1. If you get stuck, check out the video to see what you might have missed.

InDesign JSX on Github – MultipagePreview.jsx
AEM/CQ Package (including the JSX) MultipageThumbnails-1.0.zip

Big thanks to Sameer Charles for his work on this.

New Adobe Acrobat / LiveCycle ES Book: Paperless by J.P. Terry

Paperless Book CoverAdobe press recently published a book entitled Paperless: Real-World Solutions with Adobe Technology by J.P. Terry. I ordered a copy from Amazon to see if it delivered on its promise to cover real world case studies & instructions on implementing Adobe Acrobat, LiveCycle ES & InDesign Server.

From the author:

Paperless is one part inspiration and two parts instruction. You will be inspired by real-world case studies as you meet people who have brought paperless change to their organizations. You will learn what worked and how you can apply these experiences to your own work. Meet lawyers, doctors, and business leaders who have transformed their operations with Adobe technology. Also, learn how city, state, and federal governments are saving money and providing better services with paperless solutions.

The inspiration is just the beginning. The majority of this book is instruction on Adobe’s most important paperless technologies. Each section is full of hands-on demos that will show you how to get real business value from products you may already own. You will learn how to create and use digital signatures, certify PDFs, and integrate dynamic documents with your existing systems. This book explains all you need to know to be on your way to a paperless future.

Being only 300 pages, this book won’t teach you everything you need to know about these three products, but will definately get you thinking about ways to reduce the use of paper in your organisation. Focusing mainly on Acrobat & LiveCycle Designer, there are plenty of great tips for new and existing users using digital signatures, creating interactive PDF forms and other working with all types of documents. In addition, there is a good introduction into the process management / workflow capabilities of the full LiveCycle suite.

I found this book to be quite easy to read. It’s a great way to learn new skills and be inpsired by the stories of others. Definately worth adding to your bookshelf, but only after you’ve read it!

Order from Amazon at Paperless: Real-World Solutions with Adobe Technology