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Torchwood, Dr Who & Cardiff

Had a great visit to Cardiff. Ruth & I are huge fans of the new Dr Who series as well as the spin off show Torchwood. For this reason we decided to include Cardiff in our travels so we could visit some of the filming sites. The No 1 place on our list was Roald Dahl Plass, at Cardiff Bay where a lot of the exterior shots of Torchwood and a fair few episodes of Dr Who are filmed.

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Foxtel puts video on the web – the way it should be..

Want to watch video.. of course you do, thats why we sit in front of the TV for hours. Most media sites have worked this out and hence video is appearing on more and more websites. But what is the experience like? You usually click “Watch Video” then get hit with all these choices.. do you want high res , low res, medium res? How bout Quicktime, Windows Media, Realplayer? Which one would you like? By the time you are through you’ve probably forgotten what you wanted to watch, so next you get to stare at the first frame of the video while the rest “buffers”. Not really a compelling experience!

Check out Foxtel’s new site built buy the team at Different. Before you do (wait, come back!) have a think that this site is dynamic (the data is always changing based on XML feeds), the video streams are secure (so the content creators can look after their IP) but the main thing is.. the video starts instantly, the server detects the bandwidth and gives me the correct resolution and I can lean back in my chair and press the full screen button.

Ok, so i work for Adobe and since Adobe makes the Flash Media Server technology behind this site i’m a little biased, but who could argue that this is the way video should be on the web?

Choosing a HD Video Camera…

It’s a nice problem to have, but i’m finding it hard to choose which video camera to buy since my old one is near retirement. Trouble is, i can’t believe the retail experience when trying to decide which model to buy. Can you believe that in more than one store i’ve been allowed to hold the camera on the basis that i could decide which one i liked. What the?

How on earth can you choose a high resolution video camera just by looking at it?

Is it a simple matter that if the camera looks good then so will the video? I’m after a consumer grade HD model (Sony has a couple of models and Canon has one) and I’m yet to find a store that will either hook it up to a HD screen and / or show me a sample video so i can see the qualify. I’ve read quite a few online reviews and see mention of things like “noise” and “artifacts” which i think could be a big deal and want to see for myself.

If you know of a good store that can help me out, please let me know… meanwhile my quest continues.

Watching The DaVinci Code

Ruth & I joined the masses today and watched The DaVinci Code at the cinemas. It was a good movie, really enjoyable. I’ve read the book, so knew exactly what to expect from a plot perspective, but I was surprised at how well they managed to pack a complex story into a movie. I know several critics have been harsh on the movie, but just like Peter Jackson had to compress Lord of the Rings, it was obvious that some elements of Dan Brown’s book would also have to skimmed through. So I recommend that if you see the movie and aren’t overly impressed, give the book a go (although if you read books you probably already have). If you loved the movie tho, the book is sooo much better. Then again, i still prefer Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons

Good news (for me at least) is that Ruth & I are travelling to Europe in a few weeks time and will be visiting both London & Paris (amongst other places) so we will see some of The DaVinci Code sites first hand. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Louvre!

Removing annoying camera clicks with Audition

Did you know that you can use Adobe Audition to remove annoying camera click sounds?

I was editing home video footage of a quiet awards presentation (my wife’s graduation ceremony) and was annoyed by the sound of camera clicks as people around me were taking snapshots. The presenter was giving a speech without the aid of a microphone so i had a faint sound of her voice and the loud sounds of clicks. Very distracting.

Back home in the studio, after capturing the video in Premiere I loaded the audio track from the video in Audition (“File->Open Audio from Video…”). I then used the jog dial on my Tranzport controller until I heard a camera click, higlighted the area and then used the “Click/Pop Eliminator” (Effects -> Noise Reduction -> Click/Pop Eliminator). Once loaded, simply press the “Fill Single Click Now” button and voila! No more annoying camera click!