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Roger Waters live in Sydney!

What a fantastic night, i just arrived home from watching Roger Waters before the entire “Dark Side of the Moon” album plus many other Floyd hits and 2 solo tracks.
I need to get my thoughts together to write a full review and i’m way too tired right now, but it was truly a great experience.25012007491.jpg

Roger Waters Tickets!

I managed to get a hold of 2 tickets to see Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters show in Sydney in January. I went and watched Roger and his brilliant band perform about 3 years ago at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and he was fantastic, so i am really excited about this new tour. 

Still, “decent” tickets set me back $200 each, plus booking fee, which i think is way way over priced. Platinum tickets (front row area) were $350!  What is going on? Looks like i’ll be buying more live DVDs and less tickets in future. 🙁

Who says nobody buys CD’s anymore?

I’ve bought three cd’s in the last few weeks and can’t stop playing any of them. Switch

The first is the latest INXS cd with the new guy up front and for some reason its my first INXS cd i’ve ever bought, well, apart from Kick but everyone in Australia had that.

This week i bought the other two without even listening to them first as they are up there amongst my favourite all time bands. Sam's TownThe Killers one is still growing on my but i love the first single. Evanescense is another of those albums that is a mix of singles and songs that grow on you. Worth a listen if you don’t mind a bit of loud noise!
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