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Extending PDF support within Microsoft SharePoint

I’m seeing a lot of organisations adopt Microsoft’s SharePoint server lately and one common discussion point is around PDF workflows and how to support functions such as Check In / Check out etc. For those users out there, you’ll be please to know that Adobe has quite a few new ways for you to extend your SharePoint workflows into the world of PDF, including native support within Adobe Acrobat X and LiveCycle ES2.5

Check-in / Check-out support

Acrobat X allows users to support Checkin & out workflows. Acrobat will automatically prompt a user when they open a PDF file from within SharePoint and ask if they just want to open the file, or check it out and open. Acrobat then remembers the links to Sharepoint and will prompt the user to check the file back in when they close it. A new menu item will appear whenever a document is opened from Sharepoint allowing the user to access additional functions.

SharePoint Menu within Acrobat X

Good news for Adobe Reader users too.. this functionality is included in the free Adobe Reader X!

Review & Commenting on PDF documents.

Sharepoint can be used as a repository for all the correspondence during an Acrobat Shared Review. As long as all the users have permission and can access the Sharepoint server, the integration is quite easy. With a PDF file open in Acrobat 9 or Acrobat X, simply start the Shared Review wizard, select Sharepoint, select your workspace, then invite other users. Acrobat will upload the file to SharePoint and send out a download link to each invited user. From there on any user with Acrobat or Reader (if the initiator used Acrobat Pro) simply adds comments to the PDF and clicks “Publish My Comments” on the top right of the document.

Publish Comments button in Acrobat X

All the comments  go back into Sharepoint automatically (just the small comment data, not the whole PDF) and all the other reviewers immediately get the new comments!

Acrobat Form Distribution

In much the same way as the Shared Review feature in Acrobat can use SharePoint, so too can PDF Forms. Simply run through the Distribute wizard, select SharePoint and upload and track your PDF Form submissions!

Server-side integration

LiveCycle ES2.5 now includes a connector for SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010. By enabling this connector and configuring it to work with your LiveCycle installation, users can perform server-side conversions of native documents into PDF, invoke LiveCycle processes & secure information with LiveCycle’s Rights Management component.

Adobe LiveCycle options within SharePoint

Read more about the SharePoint Connector for Adobe LiveCycle ES


I recently recorded a 1 hour demonstration of most of what I’ve talked about above. Take a look and see how Sharepoint & Acrobat X (and a just a quick look at LiveCycle ES) work together: http://pacific.adobe.acrobat.com/p50957540/

Adobe announces Acrobat X

Adobe today announced the next generation of Acrobat. What does that mean? Acrobat X (pronounced Ten) is a vast improvement over previous versions, that includes a new intuitive user interface, collaboration features and other ways to make you more productive.

As Adobe continues work on Acrobat Dynamic PDF, Acrobat X users can create new PDF Portfolios, completely stylized and branded to allow multiple files to be delivered as a package. You can even include remote content such as websites & online video that will play when the PDF Portfolio is opened. The result is a very engaging PDF that is still lightweight and extremely portable.

Acrobat X users can leverage Dynamic PDFs to collect feedback from their colleagues by sending PDF documents that can automatically send the marked up comments back to the document author. These “workflow aware” PDFs know where they came from and with a click of a button within Acrobat X or Reader X the comments are sent in real time, reducing emails and allowing multiple users to collaborate in context with ease.

Microsoft SharePoint users can take advantage of the new integration features within Acrobat X. Checkin/checkout workflows, version & commenting are all now supported within Acrobat X as well as support for Sharepoint in Review & Comment workflows.

Form developers will be able to take advantage of the built in form improvements in addition to the bundled LiveCycle Designer ES2 for Acrobat X Pro users.

Acrobat X Pro users will become more productive with the use of Actions. An action can be created from a series of steps in Acrobat then run by the user. One example is when publishing documents online, an Action could be made to remove hidden information, add a watermark, ensure accessibility features are enabled and add security. Once setup, the user never has to remember each particular step and settings, Acrobat ensures the same consistent results.

Of course, there is also a new version of Adobe Reader. Reader X includes a new secure sandbox environment, further integration with Adobe’s Acrobat.com online service, and great new commenting tools to allow you to add sticky notes & highlight any PDF!

How to search PDF content on Windows 7 64 bit

If you’re like me, or other knowledge workers who work with documents, you most likely have hundreds, if not thousands of PDFs stashed away in folders on your computer. As much as I love Windows 7 , I was surprised to find out recently that the integrated search does not index PDF content!  Turns out that there is an easy fix from Adobe. Good news!

Adobe bundles an extension for Microsoft’s iFilter with Acrobat 9 and the free Reader 9, however 64bit users will need an additional download. Continue reading

Calling Flex developers! Bring a PDF portfolio to life and you can win big!

Acrobat 9 introduced the concept of PDF Portfolios, branded Flash based containers that allow the user to navigate through the files / content contained within the PDF. The portfolio is defined by a navigator, and these navigators are built using Flex. Adobe is running a competition where you could win great prizes by using your Flex skills to build a custom PDF portfolio. Check out these great prizes!

Contest First Place Winner:
Choice of either a Dell Adamo Desire or MacBook Air 2.13GHz

Second Place Winner:
Apple iPad wifi, 3G 32GB device

Third Place Winner:
HP Mini 5102 device

Top 10 entries:
Featured on Adobe.com**

Sweepstakes drawing:
Amazon Kindle

A panel of Adobe Acrobat experts will select 10 finalist entries. Representatives from several leading brand agencies and RIA design firms will then review the top 10 entries and select 3 winning entries. This is a great way to get your work in front of agencies looking for creative developers.

Australian entries are definitely welcome.. make us proud!

Full details are at http://www.acrobatusers.com/navigator-contest

Introduction to LiveCycle Designer ES2

Today I ran a live eSeminar introducing LiveCycle Designer ES2. In this session I covered how to build forms from scratch, included some tips and tricks along the way and included some of the latest features available in the latest Designer ES2 release.

The session was recorded and includes over 45 minutes of me demonstrating how to build a complete form from scratch. The recording is here;

Continue reading