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New digital magazine for web application developers

Let’s face it, the web application development space is constantly changing, and while the world goes by at 140 characters per second (depending on who you follow), sometimes its great just to be able to sit back and read a magazine from cover to cover.

Appliness is a new FREE digital magazine that covers all things related to web app development and how they relate to the Adobe toolset and related technology. It’s produced with Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite and therefore available on both iPad & Android. Each issue has great articles, code samples and more and is a great read.

Go check it out on iTunes Store and Google Play and make sure you give the team feedback so they can continue to produce relevant content!

Adobe CQ 5.5 Now Available; Integrated with Digital Marketing Suite to Build Brand and Drive Demand

Adobe today announced the availability of a major update to its Web Experience Management (WEM) solution, part of the Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite. At a time when marketing budgets are under intense scrutiny and a one-size-fits-all approach to reaching customers is no longer acceptable, the WEM solution helps organizations drive engagement by delivering more consistent, contextually relevant experiences on the Web, mobile devices and social media.

Web Mobile Social

Through a unique combination of the latest Adobe Digital Marketing Suite products and services, Adobe WEM empowers marketers, in partnership with IT, to quickly personalize brand and e-commerce experiences, optimize landing pages and micro sites, and engage in social communities and conversations. The latest solution consists of:

  • Easy-to-use, unified Web Content Management (WCM) that helps marketers leverage customer context to personalize online experiences and better reach digitally immersed customers
  • Innovative HTML5 Mobile Application publishing support for the rapid, simultaneous launch of content across websites, mobile sites and smartphone and tablet apps
  • Enterprise-class Digital Asset Management (DAM) intuitively integrated with Adobe creative tools and the forthcoming Adobe Creative Cloud™ to streamline creation and re-use of rich media

At the heart of the WEM solution is Adobe CQ, a recognized industry leader in WCM software built on open standards. The new Adobe CQ 5.5, available today, significantly builds on this leadership position through several innovations, as well as integration with other products in the Digital Marketing Suite, including Insight for analyzing large volumes of data in real-time; Scene7® for converting rich media to dynamic content optimized across channels; Search&Promote for targeted site search and surfacing relevant product and content matches; SiteCatalyst® for actionable online analytics; and Test&Target™ for website optimization and personalization. In addition to new e-commerce capabilities delivered via an open framework and partnership with market-leader, hybris (see separate release), Adobe CQ 5.5 advances include:

  • Client Context—Deliver contextualized content and consistent brand experiences as customers move from channel-to-channel and device-to-device. Harnessing rich profile, segmentation and analytics data from the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Client Context empowers digital marketers to create, preview and optimize the personalized experience of target customer audiences.
  • Mobile App Development—Empower marketing to rapidly create HTML5-based mobile apps through new integration with PhoneGap, Adobe’s standards-based framework for building cross-platform apps. Intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality takes full advantage of device features, such as the accelerometer, camera and GPS.
  • DAM—Enable collaboration on rich media assets, including video, beyond the borders of the organization. Marketers can easily find, share, add comments to, and revise and publish assets regardless of format, speeding time to market on digital campaigns. Now includes integration with Adobe Creative Suite® tools, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud, which is expected in the first half of 2012.
  • Cloud Manager (beta)—Ensure optimal performance during peak customer demand by eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating time-to-market on new campaigns. New cloud service enables marketers to take control of fluctuating peak customer traffic while minimizing turnaround time of key online initiatives.

CS5.5 + PhoneGap + iOS5

PhoneGap was brought into the Adobe family recently via Adobe’s acquisition of Nitobi. If you haven’t yet heard of PhoneGap, its an open source library / framework that allows you to compile HTML+JS+CSS into native applications. Cool! Even before the acquisition, the Dreamweaver team had included the ability to compile to iOS & Android using CS5.5

I’ve been spending some time exploring the capabilities and ran into an issue some other users have been reporting. I recently installed Dreamweaver CS5.5 on a new Mac with XCode 4.2.1 with iOS5 support and was disappointed to see that I was unable to build an app for iPad or iPhone. Every time I tried this Dreamweaver served up an error when I tried to compile the app.

Its due to to a conflict between the PhoneGap library shipped with Dreamweaver, and an update to the camera classes in XCode. The good news is that there is a quick fix! I’ve since found out that the Dreamweaver team are working on a solution to this issue, but in the meantime the following steps will get things working for you..

Basically all you need to do is hack this file..

/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/NativeAppFramework/..

replace the CameraPicker class with the following code…

@interface CameraPicker : UIImagePickerController
        NSString* successCallback;
        NSString* errorCallback;
        NSInteger quality;
        NSString* postUrl;
        enum DestinationType;
    enum returnType;

Next delete the folder in this location;


then restart Dreamweaver

Things should work as planned now!

thanks to Y Terenze in Google Groups who initially worked this out.