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Tour De LiveCycle updated for LiveCycle ES2

Adobe has released an updated version of Tour de LiveCycle. This tool covers the entire LiveCycle ES 2 suite which is far more than simply data services. Topics include process management, rights management, document security, developer tools, end user interfaces and much more. There are over 1,000 pages of content and samples!

If you are curious about LiveCycle, this is a great exploration tool. If you are already a LiveCycle ES2 user, this is a great reference tool.

LiveCycle Café

LiveCycle Café screenshotLast week I made a quick note of the release of Tour De LiveCycle, an Adobe AIR application that provided a quick reference to a wealth of material & documentation for newcomers and experienced users of Adobe’s LiveCycle ES.

Adobe have released another free tool called LiveCycle Café, another AIR application focused on LiveCycle, but this one focused on providing timely news, access to events, forums, notes and even an RSS Reader.

Download LiveCycle Café from Adobe.

Tour De LiveCycle

Have you ever wanted to learn about Adobe LiveCycle ES but weren’t quite sure where to get started? Perhaps you thought you knew everything there was to know but didn’t realise that there was more to LiveCycle ES than the Designer tool that comes with Acrobat?

Tour de LiveCycle is an Adobe AIR application that you can download as a desktop reference guide that pools a massive amount of LiveCycle information into one quick handy place.

Simple click on this install badge to install it now!

Tour De LiveCycle was created by Adobe’s Greg Wilson, creator of Tour de Flex, and assisting Greg with the content was Australia’s very own Avoka Technologies, an Adobe Solution Partner and experts in all things LiveCycle.