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Installing FFmpeg with H264 support on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion)

If you are installing Adobe CQ5, you’ll love the fact that FFmpeg integration is supported out of the box. The bad news is that due to licensing restrictions Adobe does not bundle FFmpeg with the standard CQ installation. Another issue is that the “standard” FFmpeg build does not include support for H264 which is useful for video playback on iOS devices etc.

Given that I had to repeat the installation process recently after reinstalling my MacBook AIR with Mountain Lion, I took some notes compiled from a few different sites into one quick cheat sheet. Note that this will take at least an hour to complete due to the need to download and compile a bunch of stuff. Continue reading

CS5.5 + PhoneGap + iOS5

PhoneGap was brought into the Adobe family recently via Adobe’s acquisition of Nitobi. If you haven’t yet heard of PhoneGap, its an open source library / framework that allows you to compile HTML+JS+CSS into native applications. Cool! Even before the acquisition, the Dreamweaver team had included the ability to compile to iOS & Android using CS5.5

I’ve been spending some time exploring the capabilities and ran into an issue some other users have been reporting. I recently installed Dreamweaver CS5.5 on a new Mac with XCode 4.2.1 with iOS5 support and was disappointed to see that I was unable to build an app for iPad or iPhone. Every time I tried this Dreamweaver served up an error when I tried to compile the app.

Its due to to a conflict between the PhoneGap library shipped with Dreamweaver, and an update to the camera classes in XCode. The good news is that there is a quick fix! I’ve since found out that the Dreamweaver team are working on a solution to this issue, but in the meantime the following steps will get things working for you..

Basically all you need to do is hack this file..

/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5/Configuration/NativeAppFramework/..

replace the CameraPicker class with the following code…

@interface CameraPicker : UIImagePickerController
        NSString* successCallback;
        NSString* errorCallback;
        NSInteger quality;
        NSString* postUrl;
        enum DestinationType;
    enum returnType;

Next delete the folder in this location;


then restart Dreamweaver

Things should work as planned now!

thanks to Y Terenze in Google Groups who initially worked this out.