Who is Mark?

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Hi, I’m Mark Szulc (pronounced “Shoolks”). The following describes a little about who I am.


I’m married to my beautiful wife Ruth. We’ve been married since 1992 and our relationship has matured to the point that we really know each other well. We travel quite a lot together but equally enjoy sitting on the couch with a good book or DVD. Ruth is working as a Library Technician.

My family name, Szulc comes from my father’s Polish heritage. Unfortunately he died when i was 14 so i didn’t really get to know him as much as I’d like to, but I have been to Poland a few times now to visit my fathers side of the family. My mother Robyn is Australian and lives nearby to us with her husband Jacques.


I work for Adobe Systems as a Principal Solution Consultant for Asia Pacific region and an Evangelist for Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. I’ve been with Adobe since 2004 and I still love every day as much as the first.

Prior to 2010 I was Technical Director for Australia & New Zealand & headed up a fantastic team of extremely talented individuals who together are technical experts in the entire range of Adobe products. Having been with Adobe since 2004, I’ve seen an amazing transformation of the company as together we moved through acquisitions of companies like Accellio / Jetform, Qlink, Serious Magic, Omniture and of course Macromedia. Adobe continues to be an amazing company now with solutions for creatives, business professionals, consumers and enterprises alike.

Before Adobe, I worked for 7 years at Sinnott Bros. I started as a prepress operator sitting in front of Adobe products for hours, preparing and outputting files for print, but quickly became more interested in the technology that made the work possible. I progressed into a support role and soon after took control of the growing IT department. While evaluating our clients needs it became clear to me that there was not an off the shelf product always available to fill the requirement so i began to do more and more programming. To keep up with the work I hired and headed up a development team. Apart from building & supporting solutions and managing the teams, I would get out and talk with customers to ensure that we could build a solution that meets their requirements.

Life before Sinnott Bros consisted of a few years working in a copy center (Click Printing), a drafting company (The Plan Shop) prior to CAD as well and even a photo shop (Kodak Express – Not Adobe Photoshop!)

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Since I was in High School at age of 13 i have been playing music. I play (in decreasing order of talent) Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards & Drums. The bands I’ve been in over the years include The Colts, Purple Haze, Shades, High Ground, NoPoets & Zoomorphic. I’ve played in over 50 different venues around Sydney for the last 15 years.

Apart from playing music, I am very interested in the writing and recording process. I have a small recording studio which i tinker in whenever time permits.

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Other hobbies?

Short film making, traveling, online games…