Going Digital

I’ve embarked on the quest to move all my media into the digital realm. What does this mean? Well, after moving recently I became precious of physical items such as photo albums, CDs, Video tape etc. All this stuff exists but is hard to find, manage and move.
The answer to this is to make all your media digital.

So i’ve been using my digital camera for over a year now, and i’m using Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 (not trying to do a hard sell, but its simply a brilliant to organise your digital photos). All my photos are now in one central location, and because its digital, I can back it up. All my photos from the last two years are now taking up less than 2Gb, which backs up to a $4 DVD. So now i just back up my photos and leave a copy at a few friends houses and my office. Now I’ll have to think of something else to grab in case of fire (probably my laptop).

Having over 400 CD’s is something I quickly realised after boxing them up. I’m now encoding them all to mp3, not to share them over the net, but now i have all my music available at the click of a mouse, anywhere in the house. Sitting in front of a computer feeding it CD’s is not the most fun i’ve ever had, but its a good excuse to play some of the daggy old CDs that have been gathering dust for years.

I’m now about 50% of the way through my CD collection and about 2 years back into my photo collection. Once i get through the CD’s, i’m starting on cassette tapes of old band demos, scanning of printed photos and eventually i’ll get around to the old Super 8 holiday movies… once i get through it all, i’ll reward myself with a Media Centre for the lounge, so that any photo, song, video, any type of media i want to access will be available from my couch.

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