Back in the US of A

14 hours of boredom later, i’m now sitting in the Los Angeles Qantas Club lounge waiting for my next flight, a quick one hour hop to San Jose. Mind you I have 3 hours to wait, unless they can find my bag.

Travellers tip Do NOT put your bag on the transfer belt if you want an earlier flight! I have Qantas people running around now looking for it, and i’m on the standby list, but i’m not hopeful. Repeat after me: Next time i will take my bag to the check in counter

Of course you know you are in LA when you immediately start bumping shoulders with actors. Not in the country for 30 minutes, I find myself lining up with President David Palmer from the TV series ’24’. It was kinda funny watching the girl at security check the guy’s ID. Oh well, here comes flight number 2.

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