Day trip to Montreal

Just arrived safely home (well, this hotel room in Ottawa that will be my room for another 4 nights) from Montreal, Canada.

What a wonderful sunny day Montreal served up for me!
I was in good company, meeting an Adobe colleague face to face for the first time (which is refreshing after so many emails, phone calls and IM chats).
I spent time with Lee and his family as we looked around Old Port of Montreal.
After a great lunch we went aboard the Bateau-Mouche boat for a nice relaxing cruise along the Saint-Lawrence river. Reaching shore, we then headed over to the Amphibious Bus that took a spin around downtown Montreal before driving head first into the river and floating about like a boat for half an hour!

After all that fun, it was time to say goodbye and catch the VIA train for the two hour journey back to Ottawa. Thanks for a great day Lee!

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