Removing annoying camera clicks with Audition

Did you know that you can use Adobe Audition to remove annoying camera click sounds?

I was editing home video footage of a quiet awards presentation (my wife’s graduation ceremony) and was annoyed by the sound of camera clicks as people around me were taking snapshots. The presenter was giving a speech without the aid of a microphone so i had a faint sound of her voice and the loud sounds of clicks. Very distracting.

Back home in the studio, after capturing the video in Premiere I loaded the audio track from the video in Audition (“File->Open Audio from Video…”). I then used the jog dial on my Tranzport controller until I heard a camera click, higlighted the area and then used the “Click/Pop Eliminator” (Effects -> Noise Reduction -> Click/Pop Eliminator). Once loaded, simply press the “Fill Single Click Now” button and voila! No more annoying camera click!

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  1. April 4, 2007

    That’s very useful! I have lot’s of home videos spoiled by people clicking away on their cameras. Gotta get my hands on that Adobe Audition…

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