Garbage live

Just returned home after seeing Garbage perform at Sydney’s Horden Pavilion. They were absolutely fantastic as usual and proved themselves once again after being together for ten years. This was the fourth time I have seen the band play live. Highlights – Shirley Manson adlibbing and taking audience song requests from the audience after a technical hitch. An audience member asked them to play a rare B side track, but Shirley couldnt remember the words! They also performed a good cross section of material from all four albums, including #1 Crush, which was only released as a B Side but featured in the movie “Romeo & Juliet”. The most well recieved news was the dispelling of rumours of the band’s demise. After the completion of the Australian tour they are on a break, a well deserved one, and for that i am glad that there will be a future to this great band. I can’t wait for the 5th album and tour…

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