Camera phones vs computers

Success at last, thanks to Google, User Forums and Open Source software.

Months ago my wife’s mother died suddenly to the shock of the family. By coincidence Ruth had 2 pictures of her mum taken the day before she died. The trouble was, she used her Camera Phone, an LG TD6000. When we realised that these were her mum’s last pictures ever to be, the task was given to me to work out how to get them off the phone.

To cut a long story short, after purchasing a so called “sync” cable with software only to realise that the software didnt work, visiting the manufacturers site and trying to decipher the broken english, we were just about to give up. I was contemplating how to get the best photo off a photo from the screen of the phone.

I tried my old friend Google, and after about 30 minutes of Googling, I found this Mobiledia forum here with posts from other LG users. This led me to find LG TD6000 / VX6000 USB drivers. Great, the PC knows how to talk with the phone, but I still do not have a program to download the pictures! Then I found BitPim. BitPim is a wonderful little utility that transfers your data, SMS, Pictures, Call History etc off your phone.

End result, photos are safely delivered via email to all relatives and more importantly I have a happy wife! So why on earth don’t LG have this information on their website?????????

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