Watching The DaVinci Code

Ruth & I joined the masses today and watched The DaVinci Code at the cinemas. It was a good movie, really enjoyable. I’ve read the book, so knew exactly what to expect from a plot perspective, but I was surprised at how well they managed to pack a complex story into a movie. I know several critics have been harsh on the movie, but just like Peter Jackson had to compress Lord of the Rings, it was obvious that some elements of Dan Brown’s book would also have to skimmed through. So I recommend that if you see the movie and aren’t overly impressed, give the book a go (although if you read books you probably already have). If you loved the movie tho, the book is sooo much better. Then again, i still prefer Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons

Good news (for me at least) is that Ruth & I are travelling to Europe in a few weeks time and will be visiting both London & Paris (amongst other places) so we will see some of The DaVinci Code sites first hand. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Louvre!

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  1. May 1, 2007

    I agree on you on Angels & Demons. But not all books by Dan Brown are good. For example, Deception Point is not worth your time at all.

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