Hi from Brighton, England!

After over 36 hours, Ruth, Dani and I have made it half way around the world to the south side of England, to the town of Brighton.

Brighton Beach & PierIt’s been an interesting trip, the low points including hiring a car in London without a map (and subsequently burning about an hour trying to work out where we were going!), the high points include getting live World Cup updates from the pilot of the Qantas flight on the Australia vs Brazil game, although sadly we lost. We’ve covered 4 countries in 36 hours: Australia, Singapore, Germany (Frankfurt) then England

Jet lag is kicking in, its 8pm here now and i’m the last of the three of us to still be awake. Ruth dropped off to sleep after I was able to show her who was evicted from Australia’s Big Brother

Brighton Beach is weird, there is no sand on the beach, just pebbles. Have a look at the photos on Flicker : http://www.flickr.com/photos/markszulc/

Tomorrow we are headed to Cornwall!

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