Wales to London

Tonight is our last night in England as tomorrow morning Ruth & I fly to Poland. The last few days we spent driving up to Wales, stopping along the way at Glastonbury, and visited the Glastonbury Tor and King Arthur’s tome.

A quick overnight stop in Wales allowed us to check out where Ruth’s family lived in Swansea. The World Cup game with Australia was on so we found an Australian Pub in Swansea and ended up enjoying both the Football and Australian Beer! It was much better watching the game at 8pm at night with a beer and not at 5am like in Sydney.
Go Aussie.. on to round two!

Yesterday we stopped in Stratford upon Avon before driving into London to attend a performance of ‘Coriolanus’ at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. It was awesome, but i couldnt handle the 3 hours of standing!!

Today we visited Westminster Abbey before watching The Blue Man Group in Drury Lane. It was my second time but the performance was just as good as it was in Las Vegas! If you are in a city where they perform.. Go and see them!!!

Tomorrow we fly to Poland, and i’m nervous about meeting a part of my family that i have never met. I don’t speak Polish, and i know next to nothing about a significant part of my family heritage. Still, thats the whole point of the journey, so lets see how it goes.

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