Windows Vista RC1

Spent some time onthe weekend installing Windows Vista RC1 onto my new Dell 9150. This time round the installation process was quite painless, compared to beta 2 which didn’t get past the boot screen. I went from first boot with the DVD in the drive to desktop in just under 25 minutes.

So at first glance what is new?  Well, the rolling grassy hills are gone in favour of a rocky mountain scene, some news sounds and some interesting effects.. but has muched else changed? I’m sure it has but the main thing, performance, isn’t there yet.

I tried running World of Warcraft but without luck – it runs, but the sounds all play at the wrong speed and it was jittery. I tried playing audio through Media Center while watching photos transition every 2 seconds but the audio became distorted through the fades.  Since both these “real world” things work nicely in Win XP I wont be switching over to Vista full time just yet, but its nice to see things are improving.

On the Adobe front, I got as far as installing Reader 7.08 which behaves as expected, and loaded up a few sites in IE7 with Flash Player 9. Good to know some things “just work”.

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