This Post comes to you from Contribute!

This post comes to you right out of the new Contribute 4 from Adobe! Not impressed?  What if i said it was written completely offline? Have a look at the interface below;

Contribute integrates with my WordPress blog and lets me create content whenever i want, online or offline, including spellchecking, image handling and more. This is sooo cool.

I know what you are thinking.. you think you are too cool for Contribute because you are a GoLive or Dreamweaver guru. Well, i must admit i thought the same thing when i first looked at Contribute, but i challenge you to take a look and seriously have a think about how much time you are wasting when all you want to do half the time is tweak some existing content!

Contribute 4 rocks! Check it out on

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  1. October 11, 2006

    I just wish that Contribute would move from a desktop app to a web app. After all, I’m not always updating my blog (or websites, for that matter) from the same computer.

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