Thats just damn cool – Acrobat Connect on a plane.

I just checked into my hotel, opened up my laptop to get an IM message from FlexDaddy Andrew Spaulding bragging that he’s online via WiFi while sitting in his seat somewhere above Australia on his way to MAX Asia.

We needed to discuss a demo that i’m presenting soon so took the opportunity and we both linked straight into my Acrobat Connect room, shared my screen and away we went. We even fired up the webcams because we could. I didn’t really believe he was flying 🙂

Sadly i hear that Boeing are not continuing this service past the end of the year. Two steps forward one step back but i guess someone has to pay the bills and it just wasn’t turning a profit.

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  1. October 31, 2006

    It’s mutha-f*****g Acrobat Connect on the mutha-f*****g plane! I can hear Samuel L. Jackson’s lyrical voice now :). Adobe should get him for advertising.

  2. October 31, 2006

    Sure thing Ryan! Nice call … “A royale with cheese [or Connect :-p]”

  3. […] You may not get the chance to test Connect in the same manner that Mark Szulc, a Senior Systems Engineer at Adobe, and colleague Andrew Spaulding did recently. So it’s worth reading Szulc’s blog post titled “That’s just damn cool–Acrobat Connect on a plane” for the details of their recent aerial connection. While Spaulding was in flight, he pinged hotel-bound Szulc and they linked up via a Connect personal meeting room to collaborate on an upcoming presentation. They “even fired up the webcams because we could,” Szulc says of the encounter, which took place while Spaulding was “sitting in his seat somewhere above Australia.” […]

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