Today’s Melbourne Adobe Web Developer Event

Hi to everyone who joined Mark Blair, Brian Chau and me in Melbourne this morning for a new kind of event for Adobe, “The Next Generation of Web Applications”. Our intent was to bring both web designers and developers together and explore some of the latest technologies on the web that drive better experiences.

Over 3 hours we covered quite a lot of content, specifically Flash Video and Flash Media Server, Mobile & Flash Lite, Ajax and the Adobe Spry framework, plenty of Flex 2 demos as well as a sneak peak at Apollo. Hopefully those who intended came away with both Design AND Developer ideas!
This event was a test for us to see how much interest there was by the community to attend this type of event. Judging by the comments from the audience of over 100 we believe the event was a success, but are interested in your feedback on what the local team can do better. Based on your comments we’d like to run similar events in other cities as well as Webinars. Keep an eye on Adobe Pacific Events page as we announce future event plans.
I’ve uploaded my Session 1 slides. Here is a link to the Sample Phone Browser Flex App I built during the session, and Brian Chau has provided his Flash sample files 

Also in Melbourne this week i know a lot of you attended the Creative Suite 2.3 launch and I witnessed many “lightbulb” moments, especially from Flash developers realizing the possibilities of using Adobe Production Studio to build all the video content for their next project. Good to see you all!

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