Adobe Reader 8 now available for download

The latest version of the FREE Adobe Reader is now available for download from

Why should you care?

This release offers the best version of the Reader yet (it’s fast!), includes a streamlined interface, security improvements and for Acrobat Connect users there is also a button to “Start Meeting” with one click. For Form users / developers, this release also supports forms with “PDF Backgrounds” created in LiveCycle Designer 8 (think of a normal “flat” PDF with form fields on a separate layer). Also of interest to many will be the support for PDF Packages, a new way to combine documents into one physical file, yet still keep their individual attributes. Don’t forget that each copy of the Reader has all of those wonderful hidden “Extensions” that you can activate with either LiveCycle or Acrobat, turning Reader into a full function productivity tool.

Check it out!

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