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It’s a nice problem to have, but i’m finding it hard to choose which video camera to buy since my old one is near retirement. Trouble is, i can’t believe the retail experience when trying to decide which model to buy. Can you believe that in more than one store i’ve been allowed to hold the camera on the basis that i could decide which one i liked. What the?

How on earth can you choose a high resolution video camera just by looking at it?

Is it a simple matter that if the camera looks good then so will the video? I’m after a consumer grade HD model (Sony has a couple of models and Canon has one) and I’m yet to find a store that will either hook it up to a HD screen and / or show me a sample video so i can see the qualify. I’ve read quite a few online reviews and see mention of things like “noise” and “artifacts” which i think could be a big deal and want to see for myself.

If you know of a good store that can help me out, please let me know… meanwhile my quest continues.

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  1. December 24, 2006

    Update: I ended up with a nice new HD Sony HC3, on sale and thanks to the guys in the Sony Central who where quite happy to get the camera out, hook it up to a big LCD TV and answer all my questions. They got the sale!

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