LiveCycle Expense Process Tutorial and Flex integration samples

Lots of new LiveCycle samples to play with!
The team over at Ensemble Systems have been busy putting together a great walkthrough tutorial (including videos!) that show’s how simple it is to build form based processes with Adobe LiveCycle. This is a great way to see how easy LiveCycle can be to enable your workflows. You can either just watch the videos, or install the software and follow along!
Using various components in the LiveCycle Suite, this tutorial shows how you can bind interactive PDF Forms that replaced the paper versions with the same look and feel, and integrate the data from the forms with backend systems (in this case a simple MySQL database) without any rekeying.
Also Ensemble have released two more samples;

Flex – LiveCycle Workflow integration

This sample shows how you can quickly initiate a LiveCycle process by invoking it via Web Services from your Flex app.
Flex Sports Pool

This sample demonstrates how Flex and Flex Data Services can be used to spice up your office Sport’s Pool competitions.

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