Wellington, NZ – Visit #4

Night two in Wellington, NZ. Slightly colder than i’d expect but much warmer than i’ve experienced here in the past. Flying in was about average, not sure if you’ve seen this video on youtube showing the fun you can have when landing here, but there was even more excitement when we were about a metre from the gate…

Recorded announcement: “This is an emergency announcement, please return to your seat, extinguish cigarettes (what the?) and pull down the oxygen masks from above. We are dropping in altitude rapidly…”   umm hello?  we were on the ground… which is lucky coz i think i would have made a mess if it happened 5 minutes earlier. Anyway, the captain announced that there was a system failure but he had overridden it to stop the alarm… let me off!

Anyway, Wellington is a great place and its good to visit once again. Oh, and for those of you who have heard me recommend “Great India” as the best Indian restaurant in both Wellington and the world, next time you’re here give  “The Balti House” a try. Fantastic food!

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