Enterprises using Web 2.0 techniques to take advantage of SOA

I’m attending the Mastering SAP Technologies conference here in Melbourne over the next two days to represent Adobe and to hold a talk on using Flex & Interactive PDF’s as an interface to SAP. I’ve just sat through the first two keynote presentations and I’m hearing the same messages to Enterprises over and over again.

1. Adopt a Services Orientated Architecture (or ESOA in SAP speak)
2.  Adapt to tools that take advantage of #1

Flex & Interactive PDF Forms fall straight into step 2, and people are really starting to see the potential benefits of being able to visualize their data and act on it.

Andre Blumberg from CLP Power in Hong Kong was quite clear in his keynote presentation that his organisation knew it needed to move to an SOA architecture, but the real payoffs are now emerging by using Web 2.0 mashup concepts to be more efficient in their processes. Some great examples include

a) being able to overlay weather patterns & rainfall data over maps of electricity pylons to predict where to focus maintenance efforts. In the past they were spending efforts in areas that it wasnt required.

b) using interactive PDF forms to replace paper for their aging workforce who previously only new paper as an interface. The translates in to less manual processing & faster access to data.

I’m really looking forward to talking to more people over the next few days to see what their approaches are. Adobe technology is great. Seeing how Adobe technology is improving business is even better.

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