First visit to Hong Kong

hongkongday1-004.jpgTonight I’m experiencing something new, Hong Kong. I flew in this afternoon for the very first time and i’ll be here till Thursday.

Flying up from Sydney today was surprisingly good. I’m not sure if I’ve just set my expectations too low or not, but the Qantas staff were great, i was given the seat i requested, the service was good, the food was ok and even the on-demand video service stayed working the entire flight. (btw – Zodiac is worth watching)

Arriving in Hong Kong while the sun was still up, i breezed through the efficient airport straight onto the Airport Express train, which promptly deposited me smack bang in the middle of Hong Kong city. From there what should have been a quick cab ride was lengthened due to the traffic, however I didn’t mind while i had a good gawk out the window. My hotel is in the Causeway Bay area.

Probably worth mentioning now.. IT’s BLOODY HOT HERE! 34 degrees today. Cop that everyone freezing back home in Sydney!

After dumping bags in the hotel, I hit the streets for my first look and was greeted with many sites and smells. Highlights included a makeshift “food alley” which offered fresh fruit, live fish (some still moving) and curb side butcher cutting meat to order. From there I found my way to Time Square, which compared to New York is a bit of a let down, but none the less I found the best part.. air conditioning!

First stop was a CD shop I walked past, straight up to the rock session and horray, they had the latest Rush CD. Why is it that i can buy Rush CDs anywhere else in the world, in the tiniest of CD shops, but not in Australia???

After a quick bite at a food court (yummy beef curry) i found a supermarket to stock up the hotel fridge (which was empty!) and found Australian “Pura Light” Milk, and my latest breaky cereal favourite, Sanitarium Granola, also imported from Australia. Bizarre.

Back out into the heat, managed to get back to the hotel before the milk went off. Quick phone call to Ruth to say goodnight and here i am writing this.

Tonight was just a quick taste and I’ve enjoyed it already. Time for me to go to bed too.. big day of sight seeing tomorrow!

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