Rush, live at Sheffield, UK

Rush live at Sheffield, Oct 6th 2007

Wow.. another lifetime acheivement marked off the list. Last night i saw one of my all time favourite bands, Rush, live in Sheffield in the UK

Those who have read my blog in the past would know of my disappointment with the lack of interest in this band in Australia, but fans were out in full force last night in England’s north as the band tours the country. You should have seen all the Rush Tshirts! By coincidence when we booked our trip to the UK the timing worked out and without too much confusion we were able to be in the right area in order to see the concert.

The band played extremely well and the gig was above and beyond my expectations. Ruth & I had great seats looking straight onto the stage (although the arena’s definition of ample leg room leave a lot to be desired). There were too many good things about the performance to go through each one, but to see Neil Peart’s drum solo live and watch Geddy Lee play bass will go down as two of the highlights of my musical career. Wow!

Apart from the tickets, the credit card wasnt hurt too much, I managed to get away with just a t-shirt, programme and bandana. Oh yeah, and Ruth had a good time too!

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