Twitter Component for LiveCycle ES

After reading a couple of great articles recently I thought I’d give writing a component (or DSC – Document Service Component) for LiveCycle ES a go. For inspiration I read Mike Hodgson’s Devnet walkthrough article on how to build a component and Christoph Room’s sample for integrating LiveCycle ES with Adobe Share.

Since using the Twitter API has become the modern day “Hello World” I decided to give it a shot. After googling for 5 minutes I found the Think Tank Twitter java interface. A few lines of code and I had my class written ready for LiveCycle integration;

import thinktank.twitter.Twitter;
public class TwitterComponent {
public void UpdateTwitter(String accountid, String password, String tweet){
// Make a Twitter object
System.out.println("****** Updating Twitter!!");
System.out.println("AccountID: " + accountid);
Twitter twitter = new Twitter(accountid,password);
// Set my status

I then quickly put together the XML component descriptor that tells LiveCycle ES what properties to display in the panel and how to invoke the class, compile and I was done.. all up less than 1 hour from idea to implementation!

Now anyone can invoke Twitter just by setting a couple of properties!!

Download the Twitter Component for LiveCycle ES here:

Next stop is to work out how to expose exception handling.. stay tuned for version 1.1..

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  1. Gary Gilchrist
    January 30, 2010

    Hi Mark,

    I was just trying to write one of these and struggling with lots of weird 3rd party jar files needed by java-twitter. Then I thought, “hang on.. I wonder if anyone out there has already done this?” … very nice job 🙂

    By the way we’ve got a cool custom component development perspective for Eclipse in the works which makes this sort of thing even easier to build and integrate..


  2. Sven Ramuschkat
    August 26, 2010

    I am using your LC Twitter Component for a nice LiveCycle Rightsmanagement Demo which is

    I programmed a LC Process which is called by an Event RMProtectedDocument and then Twitter is called … but sometimes the Twitter Component makes an Error like this: Server returned HTTP response code 401 for url

    Any idea?

    • August 26, 2010

      Hi Sven

      A 401 error means the client wasnt authorised. Are you sure that in the instances where its failing that you are providing the correct credentials to Twitter?


  3. Marco Cucinato
    September 2, 2010

    Hi Mark,

    guess that the new oAuth authentication in Twitter is now blocking your component.

    • September 2, 2010

      @Marco good point. I’ll need to find time to build v2.0.

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