Happy New Year – Personal Goals for 2008

2007 is now history and it’s time to begin a new year. Before I share my personal goals for this 2008 I thought i’d share some interesting facts from last year;

  • Ruth & I celebrated our 15 year anniversary
  • Average reading one paperback per month
  • 554 Tweets on Twitter
  • 31,000 emails in 2007 (25,000 in 2006)
  • 78 Flights (Domestic and International)
  • 93 nights away from home (although 31 were for non work)
  • 37 blog posts
  • New countries discovered: Hong Kong & Dubai

Personal Goals for 2008 (in no particular order)

Weigh less this time next year.
I managed to lose some weight in 2007 but put most of it back on. This year i need to not slack off during winter!

Become a better husband & family member.
I need to spend more quality time with Ruth. I also need to be there more for my family, both immediate and extended.

Discover a new country
This is an annual goal that i want to maintain. This year i’m thinking either India or China.

Become a better manager
This crosses over into a work goal, but personally I want to serve the people that report to me better.

Join a new band
I’ve been playing Bass & Guitar for over  15 years and not being  in a band is starting to depress me. Time to fix this.

Keep up with technology
Not just Adobe related technology, I love geeking out with the latest innovations and that has to continue.

Be more adventurous and have fun
Most importantly, I want to get  to the end of 2008 and look back at the fun I had. Life’s too short.

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