LiveCycle ES Update 1 is on its way, and its full of improvements!

Improvements, improvements, improvements!!

The upcoming update to LiveCycle ES is on its way and it is full of improvements that long term users and those new to LiveCycle will appreciate. More detail will come in the coming weeks / months, but for now here is a high level look at some of the changes and new things to get excited about.

Improved development and authoring tools
Both Workbench and Designer have a number of improvements. Designer gains hyphenation support, WS-Security support, hyperlinks, better tab order setting and leader support. Workbench gains a really nice Record and Playback function that allows you to debug your processes as well as validation tools and improvements to make exporting your processes easier.

Improved process management tools
New improvements include Business calendars, out-of-office support, and customized email notifications have been added as well as 508 Compliance and single sign-on support for LiveCycle Workspace

Improved installation
Now there are two turnkey options (JBOSS and WebLogic) making it easier to get LiveCycle up and running, and command line installation to allow scripted installation.

Improved administration and platform maturity
Improved backup and recovery support as well as expanded platform/database/JVM support.

Lots of feature improvements and new customer requested features

PDF/A support, Flex 3 Support, Safari Support. Every component of LiveCycle, from Rights Management through to Data Services has been improved.

LiveCycle ES Update 1 (sometimes referred to as LiveCycle 8.2) is currently in private beta with the final release expected to ship mid-July. The good news is that it is planned to be released to public beta by the end of March so you can begin to plan out how to take advantage of the new improvements. The LiveCycle ES Update 1 public beta will be posted to Adobe Labs

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