Adobe’s Open Screen Project

I’m really pumped! Today Adobe announced the Open Screen Project, lead by Adobe and supported by technology leaders such as Cisco, Intel, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba etc and content providers like MTV, NBC, BBC and more.

We drag around our devices with us every day, and these little things (media players, mobile phones etc) come out partying with us, sit in airport terminals with us, even sit at a lonely dinner table with us when travelling. So why is the experience on these devices not as good as the heavy laptops we carry around?

The good news is that its about to change. Adobe is lifting the restrictions on the use of the SWF & FLV file formats. This means that device manufacturers can easily embed Flash content designed by designers, not just coded by developers into their new products, leading to a great user experience!

We’ve seen some great examples of whats possible already.. iRiver have used Flash as the UI for their media players for some time, Flash comes with both the Sony PSP & PS3, and some mobile manufacturers are building the entire phone UI in Flash!

This is really big and I’m sure we’ll be talking about this for some time!

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