Correspondence Management with Adobe LiveCycle ES

Adobe recently released two new Solution Accelerators, groups of code, documentation and samples to extend the LiveCycle ES product suite closer down the solution path.  These releases are essentially the result of work done by an internal Adobe team using LiveCycle, Flex & AIR to create some quick start and best practise samples to help customers and solution partners get closer to a deliverable.

One interesting area addressed by this release is around Correspondence Management, and how Adobe can help address the needs of organisations requirements to correspond with their customers, or government agencies with their constituents. From the guide itself;

“For many companies and government agencies, correspondence is the face of the organization. Whether
it’s a welcome letter to a new customer, a bill for an insurance premium, or a summary of benefits or
services, document-based communications—correspondence—serve as one of the most important, and
costly, vehicles for communicating with customers and citizens.”

One of my colleagues from Adobe France, Francois Massemin, has posted this YouTube video demonstrating some of the user experiences that can be provided using a combination of Adobe Flex & PDF.

Correspondence Management involves orchestrating the creation, personalization, assembly and delivery

of these communications, be they electronic or paper-based. Typically this involves three different types of correspondence:Human-interactive correspondence, Programmatic correspondence & Structured correspondence. What I like about the video is that it shows examples of using the best tools for the job. If you need a PDF so you can print, send, store something as a document, then use that format. If you need a dynamic interface, then Flex can be used, but ultimately both can be combined to form a great solution.

The Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator can be downloaded for free from and evaluated with the trial release of LiveCycle ES Update 1.  For more information on this Accelerator as well as the Account Enrollment release check out

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  1. barry.b
    August 14, 2008

    what a damn shame about the audio in this case, but more of these show’n’tell’s please

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