Future of the Book conference: Auckland, NZ

This morning I gave a keynote presentation at the Future of the Book conference in Auckland, NZ. My intent was to talk about what Adobe is doing in three areas related to Book Publishing: Meeting Customer Expectations,Speeding up workflows & monetizing your ideas and effort.

My talk included an update on PDF, a look at EPUB and the support in the Adobe toolset, and how Flash & AIR are allowing us to create really engaging experiences.

Here are my slides (demo links are below)

Apart from showing how you can use InDesign CS4 to quickly create eBooks and Flash files, here are links to items mentioned during the talk;

Buzzword (part of Acrobat.com) – A free online word processor that allows multiple people to collaborate on the same document. It supports EPUB output.

Digital Editions – A free EPUB / PDF reader from Adobe.

EBooks.com – An Australian eBook site using Adobe Content Server to protect eBooks.

Adobe’s Digital Publishing Technology site – A series of articles and tools

New York Times Reader – An Adobe AIR based news reader

Sams Interactive Reader – A great application for kids (try it.. I guarantee you’ll smile)

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