ColdFusion 9 announced, public beta now available.

Thought ColdFusion was dead? No way! As of today you can now access both the public beta of ColdFusion 9 and the new tool called ColdFusion Builder.cf9_appicon

Since I’m still a ColdFusion newbie, I’m not going to go into a full writeup here, but some of things that continue to impress me about ColdFusion, and now added to in this release are;

1. ColdFusion is runs just as fast as JSPs & EJBs on your favourite app server

2. It offers very high productivity as a result of being a mature language

3. Adoption of ColdFusion has accelerated since Adobe took over and released CF8.

4. ColdFusion 9 offers a massive array of enterprise services, including Hibernate based ORM, Reporting & Charts, PDF document / forms support, full text search as well as Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint & Office integration

To help ColdFusion developers be more productive Adobe have also released ColdFusion Builder, an Eclipse based IDE, purpose built for the needs of CF developers, that includes code completion for CFML, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Debugging, Server Management and is extensible using CFML!

Read the full press release here:

The ColdFusion 9 public beta is available for download at The ColdFusion Builder public beta is available for download at

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