A first look at some of the features being worked on for the next release of LiveCycle ES.

In case you haven’t yet heard, this week Adobe announced the beta availabily for the next version of LiveCycle ES. If you haven’t had time to download and test the new beta but are still curious about what changes are being worked on for the next release? Here is a quick look at some areas of this release;


The installation experience is mostly the same, except for a few tweaks. First off you will notice that you are no longer prompted for a serial number during the install. LiveCycle will now always install in evaluation mode and remain that way until you enter a serial number via the admin screens. This will be welcome news to many users! Another great thing is that the turnkey installs the Java JDK, which is still a challenge for some trial customers who are unfamiliar with Java. There is also a “flexible turnkey” which I haven’t yet tried but it looks like you will be able to change some of the default turnkey paths & more which will be very welcome. The final thing about the new installer is that you can elect to have it configure SSL encryption for your turnkey installation, making it easier for you to test out components.


The next release of LiveCycle ES continues to  strengthen the integration with the Flash Platform. The ability to build Flex based applications that are powered by LiveCycle ES is dramatically improved. The next release introduces many steps towards a seamless integration of the two technologies.

Workbench also has some dramatic improvements, all in the name of rapid productivity. First of all a lot of work has gone into streamlining process creation and automating a lot of the tasks that you would previously have to do in the Administration UI, such as Endpoint definition. The processes are now rendered using Flash, and there are any new icons to allow you to quickly get your processes built. Process components have been simplified and some offer “basic mode” which require only the mandatory parameters to be entered.

Oh and opening a form in Designer spawns it in a separate window. Great if you are screen real estate challenged. Also related to Forms, the Guide Builder plug in has been pulled out of Designer and made into a native Workbench perspective.

Is that it?  Of course not, but i’m on holidays so you’ll have to wait till I get a chance to write up a more thorough overview… you can of course sign up to download the beta at https://prerelease.adobe.com/callout/default.html?callid=1B618CFC5C9A43E3BA8C791FB4EF3291

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