Avoka extend Adobe LiveCycle ES with SmartForm Composer

Adobe Solution Partner Avoka Technologies has announced their new form generation service, SmartForm Composer, a companion product to Adobe LiveCycle ES, to streamline the rapid creation of template based PDF SmartForms.

Avoka have built SmartForm Composer to enable business analysts, form designers and others to build forms using an Adobe Flash based interface inside their web browser. Using templates a user can create a form by dragging and dropping template widgets onto the form.

As you can see from the video, Composer has the potential to create forms really quickly, yet still output XFA compliant files that can be opened up in LiveCycle Designer if required and used in LiveCycle workflows. I’m told by Avoka that they see this tool being used alongside LiveCycle Designer, where Designer is used for design orientated forms that require customization and allow you exact control of graphical layout and scripting, while Composer focusses on template style forms.

The SmartForm Composer Beta begins in November and General Availability is Q1 2010. Visit the Avoka SmartForm Composer resource page to learn more about the product.

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