New “must see” improvements!

Adobe have upgraded over the weekend to the new “Unity” release, bringing the same collaboration benefits currently offered for documents & meeting rooms to your slides & spreadsheets.

Acrobat.comI’ve been using Buzzword, Adobe’s online word processor, ever since Adobe acquired Virtual Ubiquity and the fact that I can now have Presentations & Tables, all in a unified organizer is fantastic. Do I still use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel? Sure I do, but the collaborative nature of is seeing me change the way I work and I’m progressively sharing more of my work while its still in progress, rather than waiting till i’m finished, and having other people add their input as I’m writing is fantastic and has sped up the way I work.

The biggest benefit is that there are no more annoying file sharing issues, concerns around which is the latest version, or worrying about what software everyone involved has. If you have Flash 9 or above  (99.3% of Australians do!) then you are good to go.

Check out “Why our team can beat your team” post on the blog for a good look at how this will improve your business, then check out this list of improvements

Oh, and did I mention its COMPLETELY FREE!!!

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