January 2010 Security Update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Adobe recently announced some key changes in the enhanced security feature with the January 2010 release of Acrobat & Reader.

1. Acrobat/Reader Trusted Sites now recognize files that comes from Windows Trusted Sites.

2. All of the enhanced security modal dialogs have been converted into information bar (i.e., yellow information bar that you would see in IE browser when you come across an ActiveX control). It allows end users to add sites to the privileged locations through the information bar if they run into cross domain connections in the context of their workflows.

3. Established an easier way for customers to turn on cross domain logging and read the log file through the Acrobat/Reader preferences.

4. The master policy no longer requires the strict MIME type of text/x-cross-domain-policy. Other content (or MIME) types include:

  • text/
  • application/xml
  • application/xhtml+xml

For more information, visit ASSET ( Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team) blog

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