New feature: Workspaces!

Adobe has introduced Workspaces, a new collaboration space that lets teams inside and outside of organizations work together on projects.

  • With Workspaces, team members can store and organize project content online, and easily share and manage team access to files – eliminating the need to continually e-mail updates.
  • Teams can create Shared Workspaces to store and share a set of files related to a project, letting distributed team members work together across times zones and firewalls, with no special file sharing software or IT involvement necessary.
  • Workspaces help increase the productivity of project teams by letting members efficiently work together through central, easy-to-use Workspaces.  Users simply access an online Workspace to review and collaborate on documents.
  • users can create one free Shared Workspace, while Premium Basic subscribers can create 20 Workspaces and Premium Plus subscribers can create an unlimited number of Workspaces.
  • More information on Workspaces can be found on the home page and blog (, including step-by-step instructions on how to create and share a Workspace.
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